About Us


MiProbes was founded in 2019 in Berlin to make health monitoring accessible using new technologies and moderned diagnostics. We identified a problem that tracking your internal body health is not currently possible. The best option is to go to a doctor and get an annual test. However, many doctors will not order certain tests because the patient “seems healthy.” If the patient managed to actually get tested, the results come back in medical jargon with little explanation and no actionable insights.
Dr. Augusta Modestino and Dr. Nina Patrick set out to tackle this problem. They are health-curious scientists with PhDs in bioengineering and pharmaceutical sciences. Augusta worked at the Knight Cancer Institute at Oregon Health and Science University to develop technologies to enable early-cancer detection, and she believes the secret to catching diseases early is to consistently monitor your health with easy-to-interpret results in context with your lifestyle. In her PhD, Nina identified specific hormone imbalances caused by pharmaceutical drugs. She was driven to start this company to help these patients to learn of these imbalances and deficiencies in the comfort of their own homes.
Nina and Augusta wish to empower and educate people to know what healthy means to them. Doctor’s visits only present a snapshot of a person’s health, and with MiProbes, they can track their health, gain knowledge about themselves and live their healthiest lives. Their goal is to create a comprehensive picture of health for each individual through easy-to-use at-home tests that give understandable results with accurate information and actionable recommendations.