The First Digital Urine Test

Keep an eye on your health with our weekly at-home tests.

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How It Works

Perform an instant, easy, non-invasive at-home urine test.

Scan the card using your phone and the mido app. This triggers the computer vision and ML software to analyze your test results.

Get instant results of your current health status, how to maintain or optimize it, and track your progress.

What you learn about your body through our MiProbes home test:



We would like to take this opportunity to thank our MiProbes community. Your feedback motivates us every day to continue to develop our tests.

I was immediately thrilled. No more of those test strips where you can't see anything. Just upload a photo and get results.

Maria (34) from Cologne, Germany

Works great! Since I use the weekly MiProbes test, my body feels even better.

Esther (42) from Hamburg, Germany

At first I was a little skeptical, but the MiProbes urine test is super easy. After the third week, it has become quite routine.

John (28) from Berlin, Germany